fredag 24. mars 2017

Shopping groceries without packaging - Joakim

Today we had a school project. We were divided into groups on six, and then we had to go into a grocery store to look for things you can buy with no packaging on it. My group went to Kiwi in Grønligata. This is what we found out:

Most of the vegetables and fruits is free from waste, like coconuts, tomatoes, mushrooms, limes, plums and clementines. Many kinds of vegetables is packing in with plastic, And some of the fruits has a little sticker on it which is not a lot of waste, but it is something. And that sticker is on every single one of them.

Other things that has no waste, is candy and nuts in bulk. But then you have to not use a bag or a box to put it in.

What people can do to prevent this, is to bring a shopping bag made of string and wool that you put your goods in. And you can bring you own cup/glass to take candy and nuts in bulk.

What the grocery retailers can do, is to take away the stickers on the fruit. And they could also remove the package on the vegetables with package, like some tomatoes and avocado. Avocados. They could also make soup powder in a glass in the store, and then the buyers could take how much they wanted and paid for that.

I feel that the grocery retailers should do the things i said. And that we as buyers, need to bring own things to put goods in. Because all this waste is a big trouble.

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