fredag 24. mars 2017

plastic in the grocery shop
Me and some friends in my class went to the grocery shop to see if there was anything you could buy without taking with you any type of trash, like plastic.  
We went first to the fruit and vegetable section.
We found out that there are actually little things you could buy without any packaging involved.

  There was just vegetable and some fruits that didn’t contain any waste at all, even many of the fruits had plastic stickers attached. I know it seems little, it is just a sticker, yes, it is just a sticker, but that sticker is a part of many other stickers, the fabric creates this, loads on loads on loads, so it is not just that little as you may think it is.
The rest of the shop is just full of plastic! What can we do as customers to make the shopping as waste free as possible? We can avoid using unnecessary plastic like plastic bags for potatoes, tomatoes, bread and other sorts like that.
You can buy a shopping bag that isn’t plastic or reuse others you have bought from the past.

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